The PAINT Shop Family


In the mid 1950's Charles "Curly" Haynes opened The PAINT Shop in a small building next door to the Post Office on Main Street, in Old Saybrook. This was a natural evolution as Curly had been born into a family of painting and decorating contractors. Curly added to this heritage a sales oriented mind-set, in addition to a large circle of friends in the area. This was indeed the origin of the PAINT Shop Family. The first generation included Curly, his brother Mark and Mark's wife Drusilla.

In the middle to late 60's Gene "Gene Sez"- Girdwood purchased the business, bringing new blood into the PAINT Shop Family along with a background centered primarily in the retail and wholesale paint and decorating business. Gene had been active in trade associations and had served as president of the Connecticut PAINT Salesmen's Association. It was during this period that art and custom framing departments were added to The PAINT Shop mix.

In late 1976 a high school student appeared at The PAINT Shop seeking a job as stock boy. Since he had not attained the age of 16, it was not until March of 1977, immediately after his 16th birthday that Andy Scott joined The PAINT Shop family.


Andy learned the business from the ground up and in 1989 "Andy Sez" purchased the business while still only 28 years old and thus, a third generation of the PAINT Shop Family continued the 'PAINT Shop Tradition' of providing expertise to the friendly service which The PAINT Shop has provided to the people all through the years.


The owners among them have included two postmasters of local Masonic Lodges, a founding member and two past presidents of the local Exchange Club, and a past president of the Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce and have actively supported many other local activities.





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